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4 Ways To Improve Your Edinburgh Fringe Festival

For all your taxi needs during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Capital Cars have got you covered.

4 Ways To Improve Your Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh’s truly at its best during festival season; from the International festival to the Fringe, the city is buzzing with tourists, street performers, good food and live shows everywhere. But did you know that the humble taxi can seriously improve your festival experience?

1. Venue to venue in double time

There’s so much to see and do at the Fringe, it’s easy to overbook and find yourself leaving a show on one side of the city with the next starting in ten minutes on the other side. By pre-booking a taxi, you can easily travel from venue to venue without sacrificing a single show (or your comfort).

2. Throw out the map

During the Fringe, nearly every building in Edinburgh is transformed into a venue from university buildings to utility cupboards in nightclubs. Whether you’re new to Edinburgh or a seasoned local, tracking down each elusive venue is a challenge - and that’s without considering Edinburgh’s endless stairs, wynds and bridges. Grab a cab and let someone who knows the streets take you straight to your destination.

3. Beat the crowds

There’s nothing worse than pouring out of a show with hundreds of other people all desperately trying to hail a taxi home. Save yourself an hour of queueing and pre-order your comfortable, quiet, private hire car.

4. Rest those weary legs

After a few hours traversing Fringe festival sites, you’ll find yourself weighed down with eighteen different brochures and flyers for every show in the vicinity. You could put your back out lugging all that paper around all day, or you could give Capital Cars a shout and let us take you where you’re going.

For more information about festival bookings, head to our Online Booking tool.

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