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To Taxi or Trek? Four Reasons to Book a Cab Home After a Night Out in Edinburgh

Walking home at night comes with certain disadvantages and dangers. Let Capital Cars get you home safe and sound.

To Taxi or Trek? Four Reasons to Book a Cab Home After a Night Out in Edinburgh

At the end of a night out in the city it is often tempting to travel home by foot. It may have been an expensive evening and you are reluctant to spend another penny. Or perhaps you’ve had a long night and walking home seems like the most direct route to bed.

Here we will discuss four compelling reasons why taking a cab home after a night out in Edinburgh is a better choice than walking.

1. It’s safer

Edinburgh, like any other city, can be dangerous. Whether you are male or female, travelling alone or in a group, it’s always safer to take a taxi than walk after dark. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers. All our vehicles are fully licensed. And to make you feel extra safe, using the Capital Cars app your family and friends can track your taxi journey from pickup to drop off.

2. It’s affordable

While walking may save you money, due to the danger involved - as discussed in reason 1 - it is not worth the risk. Capital Cars aims to make all its services affordable. We offer competitive rates to our customers and at the moment we are even offering a 20% discount* on taxi metered fares.

3. It’s quicker

In most cases, it will be faster to be driven home than to trek there. Whether you phone us using our easy-to-remember number, email, book online or use the Quick Book feature on our app, we make it simple to order a cab to take you home quickly after a night out.

4. It’s more comfortable

After an evening in Edinburgh, there is a good chance you’ll be travelling home in the cold, wind or rain - but most likely a combination of them all! Even if you are lucky to get a dry, warm evening, after a night of eating, drinking and dancing the thought of walking home will probably fill you with dread! We have an impressive fleet of saloon and people carriers that will deliver you home in comfort.

So, next time you ask yourself the question "to taxi or trek?", remember these four points and book a taxi home with Capital Cars!

*T’s & C’s Apply see http://www.capitalcarsscotland.co.uk/discount/ for details

*T’s & C’s Apply see http://www.capitalcarsscotland.co.uk/discount/ for details.

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